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At Campfire Grill, we passionately serve home cooked meals in a warm, loving Texas KItchen.

Campfire Grill Texas Kitchen is a mission fulfilled by God for Kareem and Pablo. With over 35 years of restaurant experience between the two of them; Campfire Grill is a culmination of both cultural and work experience. The idea behind the concept brings the different influences of Texas cuisine together. Texas sits at the crossroads of numerous iconic culinary traditions, with kitchens throughout the state influenced southern comfort cooking, Tex-Mex spice, and Gulf Coast seafood. Our cooks collect all of this under one roof, to bring you home cooked meals. Here chicken-fried steak shares menu space with blackened catfish, street tacos, and hickory-smoked meatloaf. Campfire Grill Texas Kitchen also maintains a full slate of All American Favorites, from patty melts to pulled pork sandwiches. At Campfire Grill, we passionately serve home cooked meals in a warm, loving Texas Kitchen.

CFG 2018
They have by far the best comfort food around. I would recomend this restuarant to everyone. The owners have a genuine in their customers experience with them. If you are traveling through the area, it will be worth your time to go visit.

- Shamika Smith

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The Giving Wall

We encourage our guests to put their receipts into one of the boxes on the wall. Then at the end of each month, we add up the total of the receipts in each box. The organization who's box has the highest total will receive a donation of 10% of the total from the box. So come out and enjoy a great meal and help us give back to the community.